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Age:16 years old
Birth Date:October 8th
Country:Sweden Sweden
Member of the Day on:November 18th, 2015

Nuuu123123 is a Swedish Sploder member who joined in 2011. He is the highest level of 250 which he reached as early as in 2012 by friend-requesting a large number of people almost every day and is currently the 10th most friended user ever and the number 1 most friended user from Sweden with over 17100 friends which is written as 17k in the Hall Of Fame. After he reached level 250 he has stopped sending friend requests daily, yet he still does this on occasions. He is still active but hasn't published a single game in almost a year. 

He also has an account on the Forums but doesn't post very much, in total he only has a bit over 500 posts.

Originalvaxen is an alternate account of Nuuu's, yet it hasn't reached level 250 but level 132 using the same friending tactic as with the Nuuu account, He has also stated he wishes to change the name of the Originalvaxen account to something more original.


  • He has released 250 games so far (he has many more unreleased games) and he has a bit over 17k views on his games in total with his most played game being called "Longest Ultra Fun Obby Ever" which has about 3500 views. Despite this, that game only has 2 total votes.
  • He celebrated reaching 15000 friends by uploading his first game in over a year, a platformer quiz game about Sploder.
  • Outside Sploder, Nuuu plays Roblox and Geometry Dash.
  • His Roblox accounts are alak65 and MuddiSubbi.
  • His Geometry Dash account is called Enyazo.
  • He was also Member Of The Day (MOTD) on November 18th, 2015.
  • His Wikia account also got a Medallion-O-Luck for making the 30,000th edit on the Sploder Wikia. Making him the only person who got and will have ever gotten this achievement.