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Joined:November 20, 2010
Total Plays:4,890
Contests Won:0
About Me:Just a random person on Sploder that is a laid back gamer.
Member of the day on:December 29, 2014

Game Making History

Pepperedpoopcorn has been lurking around Sploder for the last four years. Some of his first few games seemed to be pretty if not inside of the category which is called "noob". But, by around late 2012 his games slowly transformed into being quite innovative like his game Popcorn Raceway 2. The traps at this point seems to be well thought out. Using allies as hindrance in a game for a classic shooter may not be a new concept by the time of December 2012 in Sploder, but it felt fresh. Probably the game that he spent the most time on would be Cartridge. Unfortunately, since the game was peppered's largest playing field for a game, there were too many glitches in it. His first arcade game was too hard but in all the wrong ways, it was sloppily put together. Fortunately Peppered began to clean up his act up a little bit during late 2014 and early 2015 with his newest two games. It is doubtful that he will ever make the big time though.


Presently he has over 9,000 friends and rising. It seems like since he has in the past gone away from the site for months at a time; he doesn't really chat with anybody consistently. He seems to have been friends with Thegoldking on a pretty consistent basis. At one point he reached the Sploder Hall of Fame in Last Place for his friend count back right when Maxliam got wiped away from the most friended leader board.


It seems like he has grown a small fan-base over the years. Saltedpopcorn seems to be tribute account made for him. Saltedpopcorn's only two friends are Thegoldking and Peppered himself so one might guess that maybe Thegoldkind created the account. Pepperedpopcorn34 is another tribute account made in honor of Peppered. This user created simplistic versions of Pepperedpopcorn's games. Although one may argue that they were too simple giver that the maker of the game obviously didn't have the slightest idea about how to get the past the intro to Peppered's Cartridge. Another fan is Ashirogi6 who made a how to draw an avatar game using the physics puzzle maker and used Peppered's face as the avatar he created.


Pepperedpopcorn left Sploder in 2015. He made a game saying that he was leaving.


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