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Age:14 years old
Birth Date:18th October 2004
Country:Unkownflag Bulgaria
Joined:2014 (under account named "theplamenrn")
Last Visit:2019
Member of the Day on:March 31st, 2016 ("Plamen" account)

Plam3n joined Sploder back in 2014 with the name "theplamenrn" because he got really insipired by a friend when he saw his games. He started with a few unfinished games made with the Retro Arcade Creator. The account had a short life, with only 2 friends and barely any views on his games. He made another account because he forgot his password. It is called "itsplamen" but it's completely empty, probaly because he decided to leave Sploder, as he got bored. He decided to return in 2015 with another account called "itsplamenbg" where he actually did more progress compared to his old accounts, but still failed to get any attention. "plamen" was his most popular account and it was created around 2016. He decided to "fight" the inappropriate game makers by "saving" the account they used. He used to delete all of the forbidden games and just type "Account saved by Plamen" in the "About Me" section. These attempts to stop the inappropriate game makers failed and they were against the rules. He got a warning by the moderators who thought he was helping "layra" with stealing accounts. His account got a lot of limited permissions, so he created another two accounts - "blazyace" and "blazyac3" as one of them was used for creating graphics and the other one for making games. When his past account gained its original permissions and the warning was removed, he decided to return there. He also joined the forums with this account around 2016. One day, he saw a thread by "geoff" where he explains what is the future of Sploder. Shocked by the news that Flash and Sploder will end together, he decided to end his most-known account. But just a few hours later, he started to regret the decision. He made another account called Plam3n, which is also his current account. He also uses it in the forums, which got deleted and "geoff" had to load a backup from 2013, when "plam3n" didn't have a forum account.

About Plamen

I'm just a 14 year old boy, who joined this website back in 2014 with many different accounts. You can call me Plamen, and yes, that's my real name.


Doing some silly games on, going outside with friends and programming. Right now, I am learning HTML5.

Favorite Sports

Sports? Is touching the keyboard considered a sport? I'm really good at it. But seriously, I don't do sports, but I am still in a good shape.

Favorite Games

Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Kirby, F-Zero, Starfox, Metroid. Yeah, I am a big Nintendo fan.

Favorite Movies

I don't watch movies at all. I prefer watching some cartoons, as well some serials.

Favorite Bands

Well, I actually listen only to soundtracks, but not songs made by some band.

Whom I Respect

Everyone who deserves it.


  1. He has a lot of sploder accounts. One of his first ones is called theplamenrn.
  2. His current account is "Plam3n"