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February 16th 2009

The Platformer Creator was the second game creator to be made by Geoff and launched onto the Sploder website. It is currently to most popular Game Creator.


On February 16th 2009, Geoff launched the platformer creator. The first Platformer game was made by Maxliam and it was called "Puzzle DEMO"

In 2010, he updated the platformer by changing the physics, it isn't zoomed in close up, and added new enimies where added in new eniemies, hazards and objects.

In 2013, Geoff released an update where creators could place graphics on the the player, enemies and other game assets. However, they would do what they would do without the graphics and some assets would not let you do this.Also, Geoff added about 3 new assets: Skelly, a skeleton enemy, Ally, a robot face who helps the player, and the Hovership, a new ship vehicle that can shoot lasers.


Adding/Removing Levels

To add a level to a plaformer game press the PF-PlusMini button, to remove a level, press the PF-MinusMini button.

Cloning Levels

To clone a level, select the level using the dropdown menu, and press the PF-Copy button.

Level Title

To edit or add a title to the level, press the PF-Edit-Title button.

Selecting Music.

To add music, press the Music button.




Image Name Description Graphicable
Platformer-player Player The only playable character Head only

Blocks & Tiles

Image Name Description Graphicable
Floor A sample floor Yes
Pipe A circled 4 sized floor Yes
Tile Unlimited floor styles Yes
RampTile Unlimited floor styles triangle shaped Yes
StairTile Unlimited floor styles shaped as 3 stares Yes
Large Tile Unlimited floor styles 4 sized Yes
TextureBlock Info Here No
Brick A sample brick Yes
Brick Multiple sample bricks Yes
WoodPost 4 height Wall Yes
Water A sample water block No
Large Water 4 sized water block No
WaterTop The top of the water No
Lava A sample painful Lava block No
LavaTop The top of the Lava, painful No
Ladder A climbable ladder Yes
Log Good to make bridges Yes
Bouncer A 3 width bouncing block Yes
IceBlock A Slippery Block Yes
WeakFloor Breaking when stepping on it Yes
Sandblock Breaking when attacking it Yes
Meltblock Melting when using FlameThrower(Power-ups) on it Yes
Cinderblock Harder to break Yes
CaveIn Can be Exploded by Grenades(Power-ups) only No
Tunnel 2 ways tunnel (straight) Yellow - Yes Blue - No
Tunnel Corner 2 ways tunnel (90 degrees) Yellow - Yes Blue - No
Tunnel Junction 3/4 ways tunnel Yellow - Yes Blue - No
Tunnel End 1 way tunnel Yellow - Yes Blue - No
Teleporter Teleports you to the nearest same colored teleporter No
Slider Moving left and right, 4 width block Yes
Elevator Moving up and down block, 4 width block Yes
Big Elevator Moving up and down block, 2 elevator sized Yes
2way Platform Moving left, right, up and down block, 4 sized block Yes
Dynamo Spinning clockwize after being close to it No
Crate Pushable block, helps to climb Yes
Windmill Spinning after touching it, it is pushing you No
Gear Spinning after touching it Yes
BigGear 4 sized gear Yes
Rod Rotates on contact No
TriGear Rotates on contact, triangle shaped No

Walls & Decoration

Switches & Doors


Enemies & Hazards


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Last Update: 29.10.2016

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