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Last Visit:2016
Total Plays:21,606
Contests Won:0
About Me:Im Poostudios,a person who has a passion for game making. I want to become the new Sceptile, but I wont do the bad thing that he did. I am also one of the most hated members on the website that isn't a bully or hacker. I have autisim, like Sceptile.
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Poostudios is a member in Sploder.


Poostudios joined two years ago. He was unpopular and didn't make very good games or graphics. Later he had a long break from Sploder, and came back. He wasn't very good for about a month ,and later got better. When Stargreen1 started bullying people, he was one of the main people who tried to stop him. He made several hate games about Poostudios. Later, Moderator698 started bullying him, and he left. In June, he came back, better than ever. Later, he started to become popular when Head3000 started hating on him. Futuremillionare thought that Head3000 and Poostudios were the same person. And people were tagging bad things about him on a game called "Futuremillionare VS Poostudios",which was made because Futuremillionare and Poostudios were having a game contest. Because of this hate, he left. He later came back, though. He started losing fans because they think he is Head.


  • One of his games, Graphic Coin Minigame 1, is in the Hall of Game.
  • There is a user called Poopstudios who joined before him. He doesnt know that Poopstudios exists.

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