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Total Plays:3,030
Contests Won:1
About Me:Hello. Call me Puma or Randoe. I mainly make Platformer games, and my goals are to get at least 2000 views and 200 votes. I used to have thousands of views and votes, but I deleted my games. My alt is l3thaln0xplyxa66.
Member of the day on:January 13th, 2015

Randoe is a user on Sploder who joined 3 years ago and has over 1000 friends. He was known for requesting Geoff to suspend Mena5000, a major hacker that created much chaos on the site. He is also a reviewer and makes Platformer games. Randoe became Member of the Day on January 13th, 2015, and he later became MoTW on January 16th. Randoe's game, "Super Mario Bros. REPLICA V1", got featured by Konnichiha on March 30th, 2017.


  • Randoe has over 2,000 posts on the Forums.
  • Randoe is a reviewer on the MS.
  • Randoe's favorite game is the Sonic Genesis games and Terraria.
  • He has been active on Sploder a lot.
  • It's said that Randoe is half American and half Indian, and his religion is Hinduism.
  • l3thaln0xplyxa66 is Randoe's new account, which he uses much more often.


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