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Rich3001k 96


Joined:December 21, 2012
Total Plays:0
Contests Won:0
About Me:
Member of the day on:May 31st, 2015

Rich3001k is a member that joined Sploder on December 21, 2012. He visits Sploder about once a day, though he visits the forums regularly. He is part of a small group of Sploderians known as the Sploder Series Team.


  • 4100+ friends
  • Level 250
  • 24000+ total plays
  • 1400+ total votes
  • 139 awards (6 platinum)

Most popular games

This is a list of some of his most popular Sploder games:

  • Racket Frog Typhoon (8/9/2016, 3433 views)
  • Petit Flashback Delta (5/3/2016, 2191 views)
  • Petit Flashback Part 1 (5/1/2016, 1983 views)


  • He has 2 series called Petit's Adventure and Racket Frog.
  • He reached Level 250 exactly 7 months after joining. He was in the Hall of Fame for a short time for that.
  • He has a Twitter account known as SploderianRich which is followed by Sploder.
  • He has a YouTube channel known as SploderianRich where he occasionally posts updates about his Sploder games.

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