Large enemy with a strong punch




Kick, Punch, Swinging Crash

The Rocky is a giant, demon-like enemy in the Platformer games. The Rocky is the 23rd enemy to be listed in the Enemies and Hazards Game Creator Category. The Rocky is an updated game enemy.


The Rocky is one of the largest enemies in it's Game Creator. It's physical bulk and height is twice that of a Fire Troll and surpasses that of an Enemymech. The Rocky's skin color is a light tan and khaki, and it's eye color is a dark orange, with pitch-black irises. In dark areas, the eyes are seen glowing.

The Rocky's jaw displays a huge underbite, with two ragged teeth sticking out on each end. On it's head are two white horns, complimenting it's demonic appearance. It's arms and legs match the muscular size of it's head and abdomen.

Powers and Abilities

Because of its enormous size, the Rocky is one of the slowest moving Platformer game enemies, and can only fight effectively on land. It's attack pattern is uncanny to a George, only more physically enhanced. Without any weapons or hazards, the Rocky is almost impossible to defeat by the Player.

Immense Strength: The Rocky is, if not one of the, strongest enemies in it's Game Creator. One punch from it deals massive damage to the Player and it's surroundings, and it's swinging crash deals up to more than 60% on the Player's life bar, more than any other attack the Player can receive individually. It's kick will always stun those it hits, no matter what level of Armor they're wearing, and no matter how far they were from the attack. Also, unless it's stunned, it is completely immune to knockback.

Immense Durability: The Rocky's strength is matched by it's durability. As a result, the Rocky is able to take the most damage than any other enemy, even more so than the Player. The Rocky takes up to 40-45 regular sword strikes to be defeated, (18-22 swinging crashes) and can stay submerged in lava for 4-5 seconds before dying. The most powerful weapons available must be used multiple times to half it's life bar.