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Joined:2 years ago
Total Plays:143
Contests Won:0
About Me:Alika87's second backup account.
Member of the day on:April 10 2017

Roomrecord is a member on SploderIn 2017, he revealed that he was Alika87.

Roomrecord has been permanetly banned from Sploder because of hacking a user and making scams on his alternative account Prizegiver.

He still evades with a lot of alternative accounts.

He claims he has a brother on Sploder with an account called Scarthelion.


  • This is an alt made by Alika87 after he forgot his password.
  • He often roleplays on Superpiggy100's and his Sploderheads rooms.
  • He likes BFDI.
  • His favorite food is soup.
  • His most notable quote is "GOLYO.", which means "marble" in Hungarian.
  • He got hacked in 2017, so he made a new account, called Thenewroomrecord.
  • Roomrecord has 7 besties on Sploder.

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