SegFault (Right)
Roaming enemy that causes mischief




Life Drain

The SegFault is a squid-like robotic enemy in the Sploder Platformer games. The SegFault is the 14th enemy to be listed in the Enemies and Hazards Game Creator Category. The SegFault is an updated game enemy.


The SegFault has a round body with a bright yellow color-scheme. It's eyes are concealed within its exoskeleton, with 4 narrow openings. It has only 2 tentacles, grey in color with with round yellow prongs used for grabbing ahold of objects and moving around.


Stat Stats to Player
Stamina: 15

2 Sword hits/

1 swinging crash

Attack Power: 38

12.5 damage


Weapon Power: 0


Speed: 54

Player speed=100

Total: 117 117/300

Powers and Abilities

While being stealthy and mobile, the SegFault is very fragile, as two hits from the Player's sword is enough to destroy it, and one swinging crash. The SegFault is a unique enemy for it's ability to fight effectively on land, water, and even on the air.

Life Drain: The SegFault attacks when the Player gets too close by draining the life bar with it's tentacles. In dark areas, the tentacle is seen glowing when draining the Player's health. (It does not add the Player's energy to it's own.) It takes 8 seconds for a SegFault to defeat the Player using it's tentacles without an Armor or a Shield. (Beware, this attack is the only one that can attack the player while in an Escape Pod)

Enhanced Mobility: The SegFault uses it's tentacles to move around at a great extent. When placed in the air, The SegFault is seen to be levitating, only lowering down when the Player is near. The SegFault is able to easily move through any obstacle except hard tiles and bricks.


  • The SegFault is the only Platformer Game enemy with a yellow color-scheme.
  • The SegFault has a unique power compared to other ememies.

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