Sharks must stay in water to live





The Shark is an enemy in the Sploder Platformer games, and the 15th to be listed in the Enemies and Hazards Game Creator Category. The Shark is an updated game enemy.


The Shark is grey in color with a rectangular polygon-shaped body. It has a fin on it's back, body and rear. The Shark's eyes are yellow and it's mouth stretches over a third of it's body mass.






Powers and Abilities

The Shark, like the Leonard, are unique in the way that they are damaged when being outside of water. Because of this, the water is their only effective combat ground. It takes 4 strikes from the Player's Sword to defeat it, and two swinging crashes.

Enhanced Strength: The Shark, like the real life version, is physically very strong. It can easily kill the Player using it's jaws alone, and each bite deals more than 15% of the Player's life bar.

Specially Enhanced Mobility: The Shark is very mobile while in water, in the same way that a Probe or a Vampire bat is mobile while in the air. The Shark can move anywhere where there is water, as long as there are spaces with blocks wider than 1x blocks.


  • The Shark and the Leonard are the only water-based enemies in all 4 Game Creators.
Category Platformer Games
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