The Slide is an ability in the Arcade Creator. If the player has their movement upgraded to at least one, they are able to slide. It replaces the Roll ability from the Platformer creator.


The slide ability can be used as an attack to enemies, or for rolling down hillsides.

List of enemies vulnerable

This is a full list of all the enemies that get hurt or die if you slide at them.

Forest World:

Cave World:

  • Helmut
  • Squirt
  • Karl (doesn't effect when kicking or using shield)
  • Lizzardo
  • Redd
  • Ragnar (doesn't hurt the second before he kicks you)
  • Brozilla (doesn't hurt the second before he does a karate move)
  • Snorkly (only works on top of the head)
  • Angus (doesn't affect when enemy is stomping)


  • If the player slides at a Redd, it will not fly as far as most normal enemies do when slid.

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