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Total Plays:Unknown
Contests Won:Unknown
About Me:Hello. I am SSSniperWolf from YouTube. I have come to this website to destroy it. I will take over this domain and turn it into the next RedTube.
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Sniperwolf8890 is a mysterious member on Sploder who claims to be Shadowkidneys (but he really isn't) he is one of the main causes why 12stasia left Sploder for a while. His main account was suspended but he keeps returning with new alts. He was then later hacked by Ihateonions74556 to get revenge for hacking his friend, (but, however, he got him banned.)


  • Mena5000 tried to pose as him on an account called "Sniperwolfakamen".
  • He was framed for being M0derator390 because he has very good grammar and punctuation.
  • He uses a lighter verion of Shadowkidneys's avatar.
  • When he hacks users, he uses Shadowkidneys's avatar.
  • He hacked Cloobaa, Pikachuex and Supersayanz and got them suspended.
  • Most accounts he hacked were saved by a member called "Kelp403."
  • He hacked Likatgaga4335, who kept coming back with alts to evade hacking. Likatreturn is his only alt that haven't been hacked

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