The Snorkly is an aquatic enemy in the Arcade Creator that so far appears in both Forest World and Cave World. It appears to be a green canary with a scuba mask on and can become a harmful yellow, blowfish-like monster if the player bumps into it. Like the Birdy, Jumpy, Small BatBogfish, Spawner, and Cheep, it is vulnerable to the Magic Spell powerup and if it gets shot; you will either lose 25 points or get no change to your score at all.

Snorkly Bounce

The player bouncing on top of a Snorkly.


  • Snorkly is the fourth-weakest of all the current enemies in the Arcade Creator, being only slightly weaker than the Jumpy, and stronger than Lizzardo in 3rd place, Small Bat in 2nd place, and the bee and cave spawners in 1st place.

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