Spider Keys




Pellet, Missile

Concept and Uses

Spider Keys are the Shooter Game creator counterpart to the Colored Keys in the Platformer games creator. Spider Keys however, were created before the Colored Keys, according to the Sploder Updates history. Spider Keys are also the only Puzzle that attacks the Player on contact.

Spider Keys are Puzzles that are used to unlock Color Doors, but they require the Player to defeat them once made contact with, to open that specific Color Door. For example, if a red Spider Key is defeated, then it will enable you to open a red Color Door, but not a yellow Door or a blue Door.

All Forms-Appearance and Uses

Sealed State=1

The dormant Spider Key form, (the form of the Spider Key which as not yet made contact with the Player,) is invincible, and can survive any attack or hazard, though it cannot attack or harm anyone. In fact, whenever there is an explosion nearby to the dormant Spider Key, the explosion pushes it away, and it can even be pushed outside the Battlefield/Playfield.

The Sealed State of the Spider Key takes the form of what seems like an amoeba (With the dull prongs set symmetrically on each of the 8-sides.) with a circular incasing the rest of its body. In the middle of the form is either a Blue, Yellow, or Red key-shaped object, indicating its purpose as a puzzle.

Unleashed State=2

The Unleashed State of the Spider Key is the second state of the Spider Key. This form of the Spider Key is the first of the forms that is capable of dealing damage to the Player, and is vulnerable to defeat. This Form of the Spider Key is also the potentially shortest lived of all the forms, when following to the Atomic state. In this state, the Spider Key ascends to the middle-class section of Enemies.

The Unleashed State is achieved through making contact with the Player, and is the first of two of the forms that can have the key extracted through its body when it is defeated. The Unleashed State has the appearance of the Sealed State, with the two exceptions of that it grows 3 pairs of legs outside the body, and the body starts to wildly flail towards the Players.

Atomic State=3

The Atomic State of the Spider Key is the final, most powerful, and potentially the most dangerous of the Spider Key forms. In this state, the Spider Key ascends to the upper-class section of Enemies. Just like the Unleashed State, the Atomic State wildly flails towards the Player's direction, firing Missles and pellets in random directions.

A Spider Key reaches the final state when its Unleashed State is pushed into the Player for up to 0.8 seconds to 4.5 seconds of contact. (in rare cases it can last longer until the transformation requirements are met.) The Atomic States appearance enlarges and becomes bloated. It's body becomes flared up and bright orange in color. Just like the Atomic's effect, this state increases the Spider Keys attacking damage threefold.

Combat Data

This secton regards to all combat data associated with the Spider Keys. The Spider Keys in this section are especially regarded to the second and third states. (The Combat forms.) The Spider Keys displays two weaknesses, and two strengths:


First: The first weakness of the Spider Keys is the uncoordinated movement of weapons. Their Mines scatter randomly and without control, damaging itself in the process, (especially in the Atomic State.) until the Spider Key might self-destruct, before of its chance at killing the Player. The Mines also are infinitely produced. Second

The Spider Keys have very limited sense of direction, and are slow compared to the Ship Player. The Spider Keys speed surpasses the Robot Player. They always follow the Players direction, even if faced with an obstacle. It is easy to escape a Spider Key's range of fire, if open in a wide area.



The Spider Key is one of the few enemies in Sploder history that weilds immortality. In the first state, the Dormant State, it is impossible to destroy the Spider Key through any kind of force. Unless it evolves to the Second or Third state by contact, it is possible for it to be killed.


The Spider Key is the the only enemy that has 3 forms and is able to wield the Atomic Power-up. This gives the Spider Key a limited variety of weapons to choose from, as most Enemies have only one weapon in all 4 creators. The Atomic power-up boosts the Spider Keys attack power by 3, making it a very deadly foe.

Damage Ratios

All Enemies who are capable of attacking have their own damage ratios and differences. These are the Damage Ratios of the Spider Key. Unleashed State Robot Creator (To the Player) Ship Creator (To the Player) Atomic State Robot Creator (To the Player) Ship Creator (To the Player)

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