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Joined:3-4+ Months ago.
Total Plays:500+
Contests Won:0
About Me:Name: Sploder90000

Age: Not Telling. Joined Sploder: Feb. 17, 2014

Colour: Blue and Red
Member of the day on:No day

Sploder90000 is a game maker on Sploder.

A lot of people hate his games because they are very short but he does have one quiz game that everyone loves. It's a minecraft quiz but there is one hate comment though but he gets most of the compliments for that.

He has over 95 friends but got 80 of them in a week. His avatar kind of looks like 5mister's but Sploder90000 has hair like Geoff. He's not active anymore though but there is hope that he'll come back!

He also made unpopular graphics. He made the graphic that says "Banned" since he wanted a game called "Why Noobs Shouldn't Make Games" and in that game, a noob makes an innapropriate game and he gets banned so that's why he made the graphic for that but he made more. Go to sploder90000's profile to see. 

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