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Age:Various year old
Birth Date:Various
Country:Unkownflag Various
Joined:Early 2007
Member of the Day on:February 24th, 2015
Member of the Week on:February 27th, 2015

Sploder is an account shared by all Moderators and Editors. As of late 2012 until (possibly March or April) of 2013, this account's avatar was very similar to one of Geoff's older avatars.

Note that it does not accept friend requests from non-Moderators and non-Editors or members who only have the Reviewer badge.


  • Game Restore has as of April 2013 been made self-service reducing the privileges of this account even further.
  • This account does not accept members who are only Reviewers.
  • This account only makes notice games and collab games.
  • The avatar must not change unless the members accessible to this account agree altogether.
  • MSMs and Editors access this account using a special button on their dashboard titled "Switch to staff account".


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