The Sploder Trials Gameshow 2012. 37 Members randomly chosen from the queue were commisioned into the game. The Trials 2 Gameshow happened later.


Red Team: Stanleykitten, Sportsdude105, Paradon, 101AJ, Eclipserain, Uste, Drummer, Milking, Lovepaw, Daydream, Shadowsploder199, Kyleiscoollike, Flidsyufi, Meowyman, Patelio03, Epicorange789

Blue Team: Aditya75, Thewindlord, Alonessix, Ticktatwert, Dale18, Sonicwerehog234, Cheesepudding, Tfandmetalmusic, Npc1000, Quentin, Ppphantasm, Zambi4, Jackboymogura123, Deathleaf, Brocky, Peruguy2005, Jaggertoo, Sonicdude102, Troyio, 559639, Jmc10

As the teams were assembled, Moolatycoon and Liamnight, the two hosts of the Sploder Trials Gameshow 2012, were planning out each of the 20 challenges. The challenges go as following:


  1. Hurt Or Heal
  2. Pass The Bomb
  3. Large Collab: To Succeed Or Collapse
  4. Tyranical Trio
  5. The Culprit
  6. Deja' vu
  7. Let's Follow Ye Pirate's Tradition!
  8. Phun Physics
  9. Blur It, Change It, Distort It
  10. Unscramble The Mess
  11. Mystery Boxes
  12. Fast Action
  13. Hurt Or Heal II (More Techniques)

As the challenges passed, more members were inducted, and after Challenge 9 the gates closed as the population went from a gradual decrease to a steep decrease, leaving a mere 22 members remaining. Soon to come is the merge, an important event where our teams are split and every man is for himself.

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