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Joined:4 years ago
Total Plays:0
Contests Won:0
About Me:HEY! Im Stephenio [Stiff-N-E-O] And i've been making sploder games since 2010! Heres my channel: link
Member of the day on:No day

Stephenio is a very talented, yet underrated game creator on Sploder. He is well known for his old account, Stepheno, one of the biggest members in 2011-2012. Stepheno then got hacked, and had to make a new account now known as Stephenio. Stephenio makes much better games now, even though hes underrated, he has fans who look forward to playing his games. Stephenio has a youtube channel called "Stephenio Channel" and uploads sploder videos, and many more videos, which again are underrated videos that deserve views. Here's a link to their channel:

"TheDarkSun was inspired to make games by many people, but mostly inspired by Stephenio, Stephenio is a very underrated member who is talented at making PPG Games." 

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