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Joined:March 2014
Last Visit:2016
Total Plays:1,276
Contests Won:0
About Me:Hi I'm Swickedrhino7 and I like to play Sploder. I friend anyone who is nice and if you are not S.A.C will hunt you down. I am a Basketball person and I live in America.
Name:Chuck Norris
Member of the day on:January 15th 2015

Swickedrhino7 joined in March of 2014. His friendpalboynray introduced it to him. He rarely played and thengot on it more and more till June 2014. Then he disapered and came back in December 2014. He is a active member. He came up with the name with a mix of "Sweet" and "Wicked" he also likes rhino's and the number 7. He was the MoTD on January, 15, 2015.

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