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Thatcarterguy 96


Joined:September, 2015
Total Plays:more than 7,000
Contests Won:2
About Me:longest time on sploder:13 hours
Member of the day on:October 13th, 2015

Real Life Info

Thatcarterguy (Carter) Is a boy that us mostly known for his game-making on different websites. He is mostly known on Sploder, Roblox, Scratch, and Unity.


Thatcarterguy returned to sploder on March 18th, 2017. He came back once in january but left in about an hour. On his comeback date he made the ALT 42k. He also became friends with randoe. He returned on the forums the same day, but about 2 hours later, and announced his game, JAWS"".


Thatcarterguy was an account created in mid 2015. He is known for making decent games that get about 30-100 views. At around January in 2016, He created gained over a thousand views in less than a day, today it has about 3,500 views. It got so popular, many sploder lets plays were on that game that week. In around May, Carter made Undertale Sans Battle. This gained about 600 views in a day. This improved his skills, but a month later, he leaves sploder


Carter was a member of the Sploder Fighters. Many of his friends left then. Then, he was friends with Lightningshadow2. He thought Megarayquaza was not bad, but in around June, Carter got popular because of what he did to Nightsheild10. 10 days later, he returned and then suddenly left. Carter realized the truth behind Knee, but he left avoit 1 day later. Darthhacker targeted him and, that is why he is thought to have left


His most popular game is "" second most popular game is Undertale Sans Battle with over 650 views. His third most viewed game is a

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