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Age:Unknown years old
Birth Date:Unknown
Country:United states United States
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The2000 is a slightly low rank user who has been involved in various controversies.


The2000 has seen controversy as the user Pewdiekids1 has spread rumors of him spreading rumors/hateful comments, and stealing an avatar from Swedenplatformge, although none have been proven. However, The2000 likes to steer clear of controversy, and sometimes takes breaks that have been taking longer durations to try and calm the situation down, the newest one lasting one year.

The only instances of The2000 saying anything large about the controversy were the games "The truth" and "The second", although once said he would kill himself, which was a joke made for Pewdiekids1's amusement, although the project is not viewable off of Pewdiekids1's favorite list, as it has fallen down under his own games.

Swedenplatformge never said The2000 stole his avatar. In fact, The2000 changes his avatar to reflect his mood.


The2000 has made a few notable games, the newest being "The2000's Fruity Adventure", which has 6 levels and 1 boss battle, although the series "The2000 Boss Battles" have also been popular. Despite this, Pewdiekids1's fans still tag his games.


  • Although it is rarely mentioned, The2000 is strongly against premium avatars.
  • "The2000 Boss Battles 2000 Views" uses the somewhat controversial term "noob" in boss 2, "N00bed."
  • The2000's fan club is called "2000% FANS."
  • The2000 only like his projects from COOKIE CLICKER 2.2 to pong 2p, the entire The2000 Boss Battles series, and Door Rush to his latest creation.
  • The2000's mainly only is friends with sonicpikachu but enjoys chatting with everyone.
  • The2000 has a large friend count, which he would change if it wouldn't massively lower his level.