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The Dark Tribe
The Dark Tribe
The Dark Tribe


Nightshield10 (Jackson Foster)

Launch Date:



Nightshield10, Mena5000, Lolghoster (Plasticool), Vonhaxer3, Layra, Disgusting, Mcjuggernuggets, Tundra, Abcilikepie.

Missions accomplished:


Group Level:

Level 504

Group Description:

We are the evil members of Sploder. We will end it now beyond this Dimention.

Group Members Secret Communication:

Edmodo hidden forum.

The Dark Tribe is a group that say that they want to into hack another sploder members and make innapropriate games about members who they hate. The most members who they hated are TheUndead101, Heavytruth, SuperSonic2014, LightningShadow2MaiphantomhiveMost users see the group as a troll group.


For now there are 22 members in this group. Group level is 504. Creator of the group is NightShield10 - a highly controversal (and stupid) member on Sploder. But the first group members and owners are NightShield10, Lolghoster, Mena5000, Disgusting and Layra.


Vonhaxer3 betrayed Nightshield10 and took over the group. Nightshield10 (now Morningshield10) does not make inappropriate games anymore and was unbanned by Demonxz95.


Here is the group description, written by Nightshield10

"We are the evil members of Sploder. We will end it now beyond this Dimension. 


  • Ghstmegarayquaza
  • F1cking
  • Shadowslice1234
  • Communityprofile
  • Shasha123go
  • Ilikeguy2
  • Passwordgiver21
  • Dimentio99
  • Battlexsam
  • Lolghoster
  • Guestsploder
  • Manpooeviltwin
  • Ikeaguy3

~ = the user got kicked from the group.

~~ = the user ditched the group.

On other websites


Nightshield10 has created a hidden forum on Edmodo called "The Dark Tribe" where Nightshield10 and the gang communicate secretly. Nightshield10 registers their accounts for them and they ask NS10 for what their passwords to the forum are. To join the forum you have to ask Nightshield10 only. He posts all sorts of topics about what their evil plans are. For example: this.


On DeviantART, Abcilikepie created a group for The Dark Tribe. Link.


  • Even though M0derator490 isnt in the group, he is still part of The Dark Tribe.
  • They keep saying they are going to hack Sploder but they never do.