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In 2014, Geoff had an idea to make a new 3d creator/engine, which will apear in 2017, in the gold year arc (2017). The gifs and photo's about the new creator can be found in Geoff's twitter page. The photo's are incredible but you can modify the platform, give it's graphic, and lots of things. The creator is also unfinished, it's work will be finished in 2017, when the creator is finished.


You change the enemy side and change the WILD meter of the characters. Such in the WILD option, you can upgrade and downgrade the WILD level from the character. But the WILD option it changes the characters aspect. By the WILD option, the character when complete upgraded, the character would look agressive and mad. Besides, I think it could be fast too... 


  • flag options
  • characters design
  • equipment selection
  • graphic creator


  • Geoff is working on the creator for over 2 years.

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