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Age:Unknown years old
Birth Date:Unknown
Country:United states United States
Member of the Day on:July 16th, 2016

This member joined when his first game was made on April 16 2016.

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  • Date: 7/16/2016
  • Thegamistintermotd

    Oh god! What a level 33 7/16/16 MOTD with 686 plays & 141 friends called thegamistinter.


  • Games: 110
  • Friends: 154
  • Plays: 726
  • Votes: 53
  • Awards: 2

About me

The purpose of my membership is to play, have fun, be creative, and make games. I have more than 5 links on Google.


Playin' and makin' games, building block towers, eating

Favorite Games

Crazy games, PG, sploder games, E10+

Favorite Movies

Home, Lego movie, Pacman

Whom I respect

Anybody who likes videogames.

5 Hardest games

1-Crazyest game 2-Crazyer game 3-Allied bases td 5 4-Worst parkour ever 3 5-Allied bases td 2


  • Majority-platformer games/challenging (hard)


  • His friends. There are tons more.
  • His avatar.
  • His proud MOTD caption.Go to MOTD thegamistinter
  • Thegamistinter's very first games.
  • Failure in Worst parkour ever 2.
  • Some sort of strikeforcekitty game.
  • Failure to pass 2nd parkour in the 1st level of Worst parkour ever 3.
  • More strike force kitty stuff.
  • This is him playing Adventure Silliest TGIGo to Adventure Silliest TGI
  • These are the groups Thegamistinter is in.Go to Thegamistinter

User Profile

The TGI Chant

  • TGI-AFI!,
  • Koopa Denied!,
  • -bleep- Enterprise!,
    • (personal info bleeped)
  • Thegamist Entire!,
  • Afunhuman & Wire!,
  • Thegamitextire!,
  • ABTD Fly!,
  • And Deny DSI!
    • (DSI means Demonic Spread Increment)

Chant Trivia

  • All identities are in the chant, but PI bleeped.
  • At the end of each line, there is the long I sound.