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Gender:Variable (Collab Account)
Age:Variable (Collab Account)
Total Plays:7
Contests Won:1
About Me:Collab account of hackers like Mena5000 and Disgustingisback.Also kai2003 and sivershadows and jaden964 is a hacker too
Member of the day on:No day

Thenoob1234 is most likely a collaboration account of disgustingblack and mena3000. The user created innapropriate games that include nudity, swearing and more!

Profile Statistics

It has a default Sploder avatar. It seems to not be much of a popular hacker/rule breaker but it could become a huge problem to Sploder later on.

Its games only has 7 - 10 views as the account and only has 1 friend which is melvin2323.

Rule Breaking

  • It swore on his wall but I'm guessing the comment got deleted. He said things such as "*bleep* all u c***" and more.
  • It's technically ban bypassing considering some of the members on the collab has previously been banned or suspended by moderators and Geoff.
  • It makes innapropriate games that include nudity, offensive titles and "(user) is LEAVING SPLODER FOREVER" games.

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