Note: Due to the fact that the last article was deleted because it had "uncited" information (despite them coming from me) and being "biased" (because i like poking fun at myself), im going to rewrite some stuff. Also, that last article had a cool tribute for my 2 already-left-sploder friends! :<

Summary about me, a.k.a Thuyen. a.k.a the guy editing this page. Right now.

Thuyen was born in 99999 B.C. and then he created the universe. He is good at throwing planets into the sun and making memes. He was the one to kill Hitler, too. All of this is historically true as said by Stephen Hawking, descendant of Albert Einstein.

why'd you cross that out that was a fact.


Thuyen was born on the month of may, sometime in the past. (Never asks a lady her age.*) And began his sploderific** journey throughout time and space***.

He still is making games, just making them more SCP-themed****.

He is a Narciccist and also feeds off attention*****.

Sploderific**2 Life.


-He first joined sploder as Thuyenthegreat. Though he is vietnamese, so he did not understand the instructions very well and ended up never publishing his games. Don't worry it was all cringy and unfinished anyway.******

-He then joined again, a year (or 2) later as Thuyen. He realized what buttons to pressed and started off his gaming career by making cringy FNAF games which he is still trying to delete to this day.

-He then found out how to make semi good games. Which he did.

-He then found out about the SCP Foundation.


=He is now making an SCP-Themed game.

=He is making a game about something very, very small.

=He has about 10 unfinished games due to him being lazy and a slacker.

=He is planning to take over the world.


+In the future, it will be revealed that Thuyen is actually Geoff in disguise. He will then reveal his true form as Chuck Norris and end all sploder life as we know it. This is unconfirmed, however.

+The future is coming to us all and there's nothing we can do to stop it.

+W E   A L L   D I E.

+Thuyen will make a new game very soon, be patient!


Thuyen has a lot of friends, sadly some of them has left. *******




-Adolf Hitler


+Kidney (really good at making minigame games.)

+Lavalinn (one of the best game makers.)

+Makever (though he is my best friend, i am not his best friend.)

+Goldensaur (goodluck with your game, lil buddy!)

A Few Words.

All of the above information is true. Because the guy who wrote it is thuyen.********


  • Though i am not a lady.
    • Not a real word.
    • 2: Not a real world, again.
      • Not really "Space" he just goes on his laptop.
        • PLEASE VISIT THE SCP WIKI. it is an amazing site.
          • Play my games please.
            • Source: Me.
              • Please come back.
                • can confirm, i am me.
                  • What, too much citations?

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