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About Me:Hi people now I can't text people becaus.e one of the moderators said I can't and I'm so mad whoever it is Please can't you put me back!
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Unis34567 is a perma banned user who is well known for discriminating people if they are not Muslims, and for being best friends with Aaqib.


Unis started discriminating users by making racist comments towards three users. It turned into a flame war. After that, Unis started posting racist comments everywhere around Sploder. While this was happening, one of the three users who were racially abused then reported Unis to a moderator, thus: Banning her. Eventually, a mod perma banned Unis for evading her ban. Aaqib was then the center of attention after the ban, since Aaqib and Unis were best friends (before the ban). Aaqib still gets random hate messages from users at the MS and the forums.

Account and Evading Ban History

After the ban. There was a user named "aaqiblover". Who said she was a Christian, not a Muslim. Which has grown speculations. "aaqiblover" was basically an account which posted love comments (technically spamming) on Aaqib's page. Aaqiblover was then banned for evasion of ban by Startrekzooka.

The next account was "prettygirlrock16". She did not post on aaqb's page, but the account was obviously Unis's account due to the similarity of the description and avatar.

The 4th account was "mary325". The account ALSO said it was a Christian, not a Muslim. This account also posted love comments on aaqib's page. AGAIN the account was banned.

The last known account was "monique11", which was an impersonator of one of the racially abused users. The user never commented, but posted a game called "gramma fatbutt in the way", a classic shooter game. Monique11 was later banned by Rocketeer.

People are not sure if Alirock is Unis's account. But since the avatars are related, and it was evasion of ban. It is somewhat recognized as Unis's account.

To this day forth, Unis still switches through her accounts.

Religious Investigation

Not much... But people are confused on what Unis's religion was. At first, it was Islam, and then the next two account stated that they were Christians. IP Scanning hasn't taken place.


  • Unis34567 (main account) (banned)
  • Aaqiblover (banned)
  • Prettygirlrock16 (banned)
  • Mary325 (banned)
  • Monique11 (banned)
  • Alirock (Banned)
  • Maryan11 (Banned)


  • She is believed to be Sploders most hated female member.
  • All alts belonging to her are to be banned on sight.
  • Her discriminating of users who are not Islamic has earned her a large hate following on the Mainsite.

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