Vampire Bat
Vampire bat
Flying enemy with a venomous bite





The Vampire Bat is an enemy in the Sploder Platformer Games, and is the first to be listed in the Enemies and Hazards Game Creator Category. The Vampire Bat is an original game enemy.


The Vampire Bat is the smallest enemy of its Game Creator, having a black cube for a body, green eyes, a V-shaped eyebrow and a pair of grey-shaded wings.


Stat Stats to Player
Stamina: 5

1 Swordhit

Attack Power: 10

3.28 damage

per attack

Speed: 141

Player speed=100

Total: 156 156/300

Powers and Abilities

In terms of combat with the Player, the Vampire Bat is the weakest and easiest enemy to defeat. Standing next to a HotBlock for less than a second will drain all of it's life bar. It's only attack, the bite, is also pitiful. One attack drains less than 5% of the Player's life bar. (without the use of Armor or a Shield.)

Flight: The Vampire Bat is one of the few rare enemies that can fly. Because of this, it is one the hardest enemies to attack without any power-ups, dodging 60% of the Players strikes by going in a randomized pattern.

Immense Speed: To make up for it's terrible durability, the Vampire Bat is, if not one of the, fastest enemies in the Platformer. When flying in a certain pattern, and with no obstacles, the Vampire Bat's speed surpasses the Mongol and Robot, whose speed already is greater than the Players.

Immense Mobility: The Vampire Bat, because of it's linear size, (along with the Speeder) are the most mobile of any other Game Creator enemies. It can move freely through water, move through 1x block narrow gaps, and even when in a tight spot or corner the Vampire Bat can move with ease. Nearly anyway where there isn't a brick or concrete structure, the Vampire Bat can occupy.


  • The Vampire Bat is based off the real-life animal of the same name.
  • The Vampire Bat is rare for it's ability to fly; others that can do this are the Probe, the KOPTR and the Bug Meister.
  • When killed near a switch, it can hit a key and open doors.

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