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Joined:July 13 2014
Last Visit:January 2015
Total Plays:1,205
Contests Won:Unknown
About Me:Im here to break vaxen2s friending record and be miles better with the friending lead
Member of the day on:September 14, 2014

Vaxen60 is a Sploder member's alternate account. His IP matched Danger1, a previously banned member, so he was also banned. The name is probably because Danger1 looked up to Vaxen2.

Friends and Games

Vaxen60 only had 2 games and he had over 415 friends in 2 days!


Vaxen60 was banned because his IP matched Danger1's IP. Danger1 was perm-banned due to dating on Sploder.

Member Of The Day

On September, 14 2014, Vaxen60 won the category "Member Of The Day"

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