The whip is the 23rd powerup of the Platformer Creator.

In Combat

To use the whip, the player must press the spacebar. It is capable of dealing medium to long-range attacks on enemies, and can go through walls, making it the most effective melee weapon for long-range combat. However, in close-range combat, it is very ineffective. The whip does deal a lot of damage, however unlike other powerful weapons such as the Mace and Big Sword, it has very low accuracy. The only part of the whip that damages enemies is the very tip.

Outside of Combat

The whip is the worst melee weapon for wall climbing. Like when battling enemies, the Whip has trouble climbing up walls, since it needs to be at just the right distance. Like the other melee weapons, it can destroy Sandblocks, however due to the accuracy (again), and the fact that it has terrible power when it comes to destroying them, it is outshined by every other melee weapon when it comes to block destroying.

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