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Last Visit:Variable
Total Plays:Unknown
Contests Won:0
About Me:Unknown
Member of the day on:August 24th, 2015
Wohoogaming was a member on Sploder who used to love making games and playing Sploderheads Multiplayer. When he joined Sploder, he got so many friends and MOTD pretty quickly. He had bested lots of people on his profile. Sploder member Nightshield10 had tricked him into turning bad.

Sadly for a few members, Wohoogaming was banned by an unknown moderator.

The Wohoogamers

They did once enjoy Sploder, but they swore a bit and abused the rules, resulting in a moderator kicking them off the website. Wohoogaming is rarely active now.


Quick note: WOHOOHACKING IS NOT WOHOOGAMING! Wohoohacking is a mysterious user who calls himself the Guardian of Wohoo culture. He spams and makes games against Nightshield10 and his "The Dark Tribe". He might change sides at some point.


  • Wohoogaming isn't active much at all anymore.
  • Shadowslice is sad that Wohoogaming left Sploder.
  • Even though Wohoogaming is inactive, he still visits Sploder every once in a while.
  • Wohoohacking was recently suspended.

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