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Joined:4 years ago
Total Plays:108,374
Contests Won:(idk)
About Me:My name is Jake. I love basketball, football, golf, hip-hop/rnb/rap music, and play alot of poker.
Member of the day on:October 1st, 2014

YoungCaliman is a famous member on the Sploder Community forums and also the Mainsite. On the forums, he once had the custom title of "Class Clown", but now yields the rank of General. Many believe him to be intelligent, mature, and quite humorous. He is very popular with members on the Mainsite and Forums alike, and has a whopping total of 5 games in the EGL. He has obtained all of the Mainsite badges due to him being one of if not the most respected member that has ever registered on Sploder.

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